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May Manga Favorites’

Heyaaa everyone! First of – I’m DONE with finals!!! And believe me, that’s a huge god damn relief. Well, to be honest, I do have a remaining oral exam left, on US Civilisation, but since I finished my written finals yesterday, I’m still a bit in relief-mode to worry about that. Thus, I’ve been enjoying…… Continue reading May Manga Favorites’

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Life Update || Little Gladys

Heyaaa everyone! I updated the blog not long ago, giving you a piece of music I liked, and I said I’d give you a little bit more of informations about where I have been and what happened and what’s going to happen now. Well then, here’s a quick Life Update!!   If you want…… Continue reading Life Update || Little Gladys

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The 2015 Reading challenge review

Heyaaa everyone! Remember the 2015 reading challenge? I feel like it’s time to make a point on what was read and what was not… And I already feel like I failed big time this year! Let’s see that! Well, the thing is, I read books that could be many of these points but I believe…… Continue reading The 2015 Reading challenge review

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Fall Haul | Part 2

Heyaaa everyone! I posted part one a few days ago, over here, and you can now find part 2 on Youtube! It’s all about books I bought & why I bought them. Hopefully it’ll give you some books ideas to read as well 😉 Or if you already read them, why not share your thoughts…… Continue reading Fall Haul | Part 2

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October’s Favorites| Mangas & Manwhas

Heyaaa everyone! I’m sorry I didn’t have the time to upload anything yesterday, but I’ll fix that by posting two issues today! The first one, which you’re reading right now, will be critical recommendations and the second one will be about a literary matter! I hope you’ll enjoy your read. Well now, I don’t know…… Continue reading October’s Favorites| Mangas & Manwhas

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Book review | Paper Towns

Heyaaa everyone! I actually feel like it’s quite pointless of me to review this book now that we’re the 3rd of November. However, I also feel like I would never be satisfied if I don’t actually post it, as I have been promoting that issue for SO LONG. Yes, you do realise, right, that I’ve…… Continue reading Book review | Paper Towns

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Review | Perfume: Story of a murderer

Heyaaaa everyone! You ain’t dreaming, literary me is back in the place! Today I’m talking a little bit about one of my most favorite book and movie ever: It’s a book written by Patrick Süskind, it is wonderful, it is mind-blowing, and I hope you’ll get as excited as I did if you watch it. Please do.…… Continue reading Review | Perfume: Story of a murderer