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Top 3 musical likes of October

Heyaaa! It’s been a while since I’ve done any musical recommendations, so here are three songs for you to listen! CRYSTAL CASTLES – CONCRETE Crystal Castle is not to the likes of everybody, but I really do enjoy listening to them. I usually listen to it when I’m writing, as it puts me in…… Continue reading Top 3 musical likes of October


Music of the day | Bjork & Antony Hegarty

YAS. I know. It’s been ages, and I’m really, really, really sorry for that. I’ll have a blog post coming on in the weekend explaining all about why, how, when, or whatev you might have been asking yourself. But for now, how about we finish the day on that little goldmine I found on Youtube?…… Continue reading Music of the day | Bjork & Antony Hegarty

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5 songs I loved in 2015

Heyaaa everyone! Once again, a happy new year to you all! For this year’s first article, let’s do a little throwback on 2015! Today’s throwback? It’s a musical one! I’m sharing with you guys 5 songs I loved and discovered in 2015. Hopefully it’ll make you discover new ones too or at least have a…… Continue reading 5 songs I loved in 2015


Music of the Day

Heyaaa lil’pies! I don’t always do that, but today I feel like sharing some music with you, and here’s a piece I’ve been listening to non-stop today! Hopefully it’ll cheer up your day and you’ll love that electric guitar rift as much as I did ! Here we go for 3 minutes 32 of musical…… Continue reading Music of the Day

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Eargasm of the day

Heyaaa everyone! This is very short and random BUT I was talking with a friend of mine, and we ended up discussing about Miyazaki and his movies and Joe Hishaishi’s music, and how wonderful they both were. It led me to a video of one of his concerts for the 25th anniversary of the Ghibli…… Continue reading Eargasm of the day


Critic | Little Game – Benny

Heyaa lil’pies! Hope you’re all doing fine as Christmas is approachiiing ♥ I’m super over excited right now, and I’ll be for the next week (and until NYE, actually) so bare with me and my too-much-excited-self. Today’s critic blog issue won’t be as long as those before, but hopefully you will like this critic of Little…… Continue reading Critic | Little Game – Benny