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Top 3 musical likes of October

Heyaaa! It’s been a while since I’ve done any musical recommendations, so here are three songs for you to listen! CRYSTAL CASTLES – CONCRETE Crystal Castle is not to the likes of everybody, but I really do enjoy listening to them. I usually listen to it when I’m writing, as it puts me in…… Continue reading Top 3 musical likes of October

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Spread happiness… <3

Heyaaa, Today is quite a shitty day. Even though I’m not American I think we’re all aware that this election touches more than only the American people, and I’m distressed. It’s the kind of day where you need to step back, stop thinking a little and spread your love, spread your positivity and happiness. Thus,…… Continue reading Spread happiness… ❤

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Secret Love | Korean Drama

Hey everyone! As said in yesterday’s post, today I’ll be speaking about a Korean drama I’m currently watching. It all started in July, when a friend of mine watched Kill Me Heal Me and urged a common friend and I to start watching it too. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any wifi until mid-october, which meant I…… Continue reading Secret Love | Korean Drama

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The joy of planning holidays

Heyaaa everyone! How is your Monday going? You’re coping with it? To feel a bit better about it, let us talk about something a little more enthusiastic : holidays! Planning them! As you may have read at the end of my blogpost about my London experiment, I’m already planning my next trip, once again in…… Continue reading The joy of planning holidays

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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children | Movie Review

Hey everyone! Well, let’s be honest, I almost forgot to do today’s blog post! I’ve been writing all day long (cause yes, I ended up doing the nanowrimo, bless my soul, and have a quick prayer for my fingers that are spasming on the keyboard), and thus it completely slipped off my mind that I…… Continue reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children | Movie Review

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Silence | A short story

Hey guys! For once, how about I deliver something a bit more personal, a piece of writing I did some time ago? Well, here we go! I wrote that in French over here, if you’d like to read it in its original form, but here’s a translation for you. Silence. They’re two. They’re looking at…… Continue reading Silence | A short story

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A London Weekend | Part 1

Hey everyone! Today’s article is a bit late, sorry about that! I’ve had quite a busy day, and as I’m suffering from some kind of insomnia, I have a lot of sleep to retrieve, which meant I frequently end up napping mid-afternoon. Well, anyway, let’s hop on today’s matter: As some of you may know,…… Continue reading A London Weekend | Part 1